Don't Get Scared!

Don’t Get Scared – A Survival-Horror game where you have a lot of enemies… and I don’t only mean actual enemies. You fight against enemy NPC’s and your own Hunger in your journey to your parent’s home. Since your house burned down during these Post-Apocalyptic times you are on a journey to seek safe shelter. You don’t know who to trust since anyone could have been infected with the Rage-Morph virus.


UnDroned – A Post-Apocalyptic earth where you get stranded due to a crash with your spaceship. In this game you follow Lupus in his journey on this wasteland planet trying to find the necessary parts to fix your ship and go back to your own planet.

The Outraged Souls

Project Pandora – A Large scale Open-World adventure game in the making. Pandora Forest is a Magical place, almost… no… definitely a Spiritual place. A place for Adventure, Epic fights, and leisure. Explore the Pandora Forrest area or have a drink at one of the Villages and the Capitol. It’s Your Choice. Although you might want to help calm the Spirits before they get unrestful because then they’ll send their army from the Parallel Forest and all Hell will break loose in the Pandora Forests.